2-5, DataranJelatek, JalanJelatek, KL / 1-2, Block 3D, WangsaDelim 10, D’ Wangsa, WangsaMaju, Section10, Kuala Lumpur


TEL:    03.4142.4176  / 03.4252.2496 FAX:03.4149.6835

CAMPUS: Jelatek Centre / WangsaMaju Centre



UK Curriculum ;  Intensive English, IELTS, TOEFL, TESOL, IGCSE, A’LEVELS, SAT I, O’LEVELS SUBJECTS, 1-1 Private English


TERM/INTAKE: every month


FACILITIES: Hostels in Mont Kiara / Seri Maya / Vila Wangsa Mas

SERVICES: University Admission Service & Counseling




We have been operating language school for about 9 years now and have two centers in Kuala Lumpur. We have been running successful language programs for the past nine years and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our programs.


Our students are from many different countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi, Yemen, Lybia, Iran, Vietnam, O'zbekistan, China and so on. Our main program is IE(Intensive English), IELTS, TOEFL, TESOL and IGCSE and CLC students have been getting excellent results in getting IETLS, TOEFL and IGCSE scores to enter colleges and universities! Our teachers are from the USA and the UK and they are all qualified TESOL certificate holders. We also run summer camp program (June-August) for young children age from 6 to 15 years old and parents from middle east, Korea, China and Indonesia Korean send their children to participate in this program. They learn English through many fun activities including arts & craft, science, songs and chants.


We are proud to say that CLC is an authorized centre by Saudi Cultural Mission and we have a number of Saudi students studying at our centre under Saudi government scholarships. CLC also provides ladies class soley for women who wish to have classes without men for Muslim ladies.




June H. Kim / Principal of Jelatek Centre 

03.4252.2496 / 014.940.4984